Tarana - The Laden Soul Desires The Sun EP

Tarana - The Laden Soul Desires The Sun EP

Released: 25th Nov 2013


Tarana is an exciting and ground-breaking Trombone/synth (Rick Parker) & Drums/electronics (Ravish Momin) DUO that blurs the boundaries between the electronic and the acoustic, while blending a vast array of influences, ranging from Jazz to Juke to Disco to Bollywood. Using digital and analog electronics, they layer live loops, melodies, textures and sounds on top of their tight-knit acoustic instruments to create a symphonic sound that also explores deep-grooving rhythms from across the world.


Azeem O Shaan: Composed by AR Rahman, arranged by Ravish Momin (Ravmin Music, ASCAP)

Disposable: Composed/arranged by Ravish Momin (Ravmin Music, ASCAP)

Recorded by Alap Momin at Uptown Mixers, NYC, NY; Mastered/produced by Engin Seryl, Berlin, Germany, 2012

Additional Work

Tarana features: Rick Parker (Trombone, Electronics); Ravish Momin (drums, electronic beats);

guest appearance by Areni Agbabian (vocals on "Disposable")

Published by Ravmin Music, ASCAP

(P) & (C) 2013 Plasma Torus.